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M4A Player is a free M4A audio player, it can play the *.m4a audio files, supports AAC audio and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) audio, no need install other audio codecs, this small software can help you to enjoy the high quality audio on your PC. This software is a freeware, completely free to use.


Through the menu "File" -> "Add Files" to add the files you want to play, default file extension is "*.m4a", then press the "Play" picture button to play, this is the basic usage of this software. File selection dialog box supports multiple select, you can add multiple files at once time. In the file list, you can double-click to play the file you want to play.


Using the menu "Playback" -> "Loop Playback", software can support looping playback, it will loop all files in the file list one by one. Using the hotkey "P", you can play or pause; Using the hotkey "+" or "-", you can adjust the volume. You can also press the hotkey "M" to switch mute or unmute.

If you need to delete file from the file list, you can select file then choice the menu "File" -> "Remove Files" or press the hotkey "Del".

The M4A is a standard format of the MPEG-4 audio, an audio container, the most commonly used format in M4A audio is AAC format, other supported formats can also be Apple Lossless format or MP3 format. This software can also supports AAC audio file, the file extension is "*.aac".

Software supports most current Windows operating systems and requires .Net Framework 4.0 or later.